Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What happens if I’m late with my payment or don’t pay at all?

Additional fees will more than likely occur in the event of a late or partial payment.  Failure to pay will result in legal action, as well as reporting of the non-payment to a consumer reporting agency.


2.       How much will the loan cost?

The cost of the loan and the APR depends on your application.  The terms are disclosed in the application process when you are directed to the lender’s website.  At this point you have NOT accepted the loan.  If, when the terms are disclosed, they are not acceptable to you, do not sign the application.


3.       What is your renewal policy?

Renewal policies are determined by the lender, not by us, so they will vary.  But, be aware some lenders may not debit your account for the full amount of the loan, which may result in additional fees and a renewed loan.  Make sure you read the renewal policy carefully and make your wishes clear to the lender.

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