How to Avoid Paying Pay day Loans Online Extra Fees

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 Borrow Smartly

Payday loans online are high interest short-term loans, available from Internet sites and high street shops. Pay day loans also known as cash advance are easy to get, probably why many people take advantage of this type of loan. However, paying the loan after two weeks can be a problem for some borrowers, but you can avoid payday loans extra fees if you borrow smartly.

Pay day loans are more expensive to obtain compared to banks personal loan. So, if you have other alternative to sort out your financial problem, it is best that you consider all options first. But if there are no other ways to get the money you need for medical emergencies, car repair or utility bills and you decide to obtain a loan, shop around before borrowing.

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When you obtain a lot, bear in mind that payday loans online are payable in 15 to 31 days. If you cannot pay the loan back, the payday lender will charge you additional fees. If you do not want to pay a penalty and interest, just pay the money you obtain including the interest on or before the maturity date.

By the way, when you get a loan, you agreed to let the payday lender take the money you borrowed, plus interest from your bank account.

The lender imposes charges when your bank account has insufficient fund. Informing the lender beforehand that you do not have enough funds can save you money because you can negotiate a payment arrangement.

Take note, stopping payment by instructing your card or bank provider will prevent the lender from taking the money in your account but it will not clear you from the debt. If you want to avoid paying extra fees or legal repercussion for your action, talk to your lender.

Most lenders will offer you a longer payment term or an extension when you cannot pay the loan back. But of course, there are interest and fees to pay when you extend the loan or you can get another loan from another lender to pay off the first loan.

Payday loans are easy to obtain, and manageable if you plan your finances. You can sort out payday loans even when you do not have enough money after two weeks by being honest to your lender.

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