How Do I Repay My Payday Loan?

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How Do I Repay My Payday Loan?

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Paying a payday loan depends on where you obtain a loan. If you take out a loan from a payday lender online, you will sign an authorization allowing the lender to withdraw from your account. With storefront lenders, you will need to issue a personal check address to the payday lender.

People taking out a payday loan from brick and mortar stores often provide an authorization or a personal check to the payday lender. The authorization allows the lender to electronically withdraw both the principal and interest from the checking or savings account of the borrower. There are times when borrowers are just asked to repay the loan in person. In case you didn’t return to settle your debt personally, they will present your personal check to the bank.

These days, it doesn’t matter where you obtain a loan. When you borrow from payday lender online or storefront, you will provide a guarantee to the lender in the form of a check or bank authorization. But if you wish to have a fast processing and hassle free service, I suggest you apply for a payday loan online.

With payday loans online you don’t have to leave your home or office to apply for a loan. You can fill up the loan application at home just visit a payday lender website to get started. Once you have filled up the electronic form, clicked submit and wait for an hour or two to get a response. One-hour payday loans usually processed within an hour so expect an immediate reply from one of their people. Anyway, if you are qualified for a loan, you may get your money the same day you apply.

Bear in mind that these are short-term loan. And if you apply at storefront and left a check they will deposit your payment when the loan is due. In case you have given permission to a payday lender to take money from your bank account, they will also automatically deduct what you owe them on the due date.

If you wish to pay only the interest and renewal fee, you need to contact the payday lender to set up another payment scheme. Payday loans are expensive so make sure you know what you are getting into before you apply for a loan.



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