How To Easily Qualify For Payday Loans without A Checking Account

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Five years ago, it is impossible for anyone to get hold of payday loans without a checking account, since it is one of the four has  more open to other means of payment method, so they are bending the sacred rules a bit by granting loans to people without a checking account as long as they qualify for it.

Payday loans allow someone to obtain instant cash, as long as they meet the basic criterion of payday lenders such as the fact that one is employed or receiving regular income, of legal age, a resident, or citizen of the United States and own a valid checking account. Well, these are in the old days, since now it is possible to get a loan without the last requirement.

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Today, many payday lenders are granting loans to qualified individuals, even if they do not own a checking account as long as they are willing to get a prepaid card or a debit card that feature a direct deposit. Aside from a prepaid card, borrowers with at least a saving account can also obtain a payday loan.

By the way, opening a checking account is easy but a saving account is a lot easier to open because there is no credit check with opening a savings account. There is also no need to make large initial deposit upfront to avail of this type of account, as most banks require only a $50 deposit. So, when you need a loan, you can now apply for a payday loans without a checking account because it is now possible.

One more thing, you are qualified for a payday loans even without a checking account as long as your income suffice the amount of loan you are applying. You can have an easy time applying for an instant loan when you satisfy the requirements for payday loans without a checking account.



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