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Are you desperate for a cash advance? If you feel that you cannot wait for the next paycheck to come in, and you have a computer and Internet then why not just apply for a loan. Paperless cash advance is the most popular way to get instant cash quick because of the convenience of applying, the fast approval, and simplified process.


In fact, these loans are very popular because you do not even need to submit a written proof of employment or income as everything done online or thru telephone. The fact that most payday lenders uses reliable database to get the information they need, make things easier for you.


The following are things you need to know about paperless cash advance loan, so you will know everything you need to know about these loans.


What Is the Maximum Amount to Obtain from Paperless loan?


The maximum amount that you can get from a payday lender is $1,000 and the minimum is $100 dollar. When applying for a loan, your present income is used as the basis for the loan so the amount you can receive is according to your incoming paycheck.


How Soon Can I Receive The Loan Into My Bank Account?


Most paperless cash advance will wire transfer the money into your bank account in just a few hours after loan approval or the next banking day. This is contrary to traditional lenders that take 3 or more days to complete the transaction.

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Is There A Credit Check?


No, payday lenders that provide paperless cash advance no longer conduct credit check, since credit rating is never an issue with most online payday lenders.


Is The Paperless Cash Advance For Everyone?


No, these loans are only for salaried individuals or those receiving regular paycheck. If you are aged 18 or above, have an income of at least $1000 a month, U.S citizen or resident and own a checking account that accept direct deposit then you are certainly qualified for paperless cash advance loan.




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