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Essential Information On Military Payday LoanIn the old days, it is common to see payday lenders near the offices or military bases as lenders have a profitable business with military personnel. Payday lenders can charge customers even higher interest rates that are mandatory to pay off on the next paycheck. However, with the passage of FY 2007 Military Authorization Act, military payday loan is still possible to obtain but lenders have to play fair. So, if you are considering applying for a payday loan, then read on to know more.

The most significant changes for military people that want to obtain a payday loan after the passage of the Military Authorization Act is that they are no longer force to pay a much higher interest rate than the public. In fact, under the act, they can still apply for a payday loan as everyone else does because this type of loan is still available to them but under certain guidelines.

The act prohibits lender from requiring military borrowers to set up allotment for a loan and they could no longer ask for the service member vehicle to be place as collateral, since it coincides with automobile loans. Consolidating or rolling over loans from same company also prohibited. Take note, civilian borrowers in some states also prohibited from rolling over their loans.

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Lenders are also refrained from charging early payoff fees and service members no longer need to waive their rights to Civil Relief Act law. Moreover, ordinary military loan is still at $500 to $1000 but they can also apply for a $10,000 loan and they can extend the period for paying the loan, because of the amount involved. Some lenders also charged a fixed fee rather than interest fee for loans up to 14 days, so check with the payday lender first before signing the loan agreement.



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